Misinformation in times of war

In times of war, it is crucial that the public has access to accurate information. However, during times of conflict, it is often difficult to get accurate information to the public. This article will explore the role of misinformation in times of war, and how it can impact the course of a conflict.


A new book by the author of Silencing the Past. Yuliya is a historical novella dealing with the period of the first and second World War. |The is about aJewish family in Bizerte, Tunisia. This is an amazing story of how Russians ended up in Tunisia and how one family integrated into the Jewish community of that country. This short story is full of anecdotes and surprising facts about the lives of Tunisians. You can buy the book in Amazon for $.99. 

More Nazi Gold found in sunken ship

No one is really sure whether  the gold was on route from or to South America. The gold found is estimated at 163 million dollars. It is more likely that Germans began shipping out looted gold as early as 1939. read the full article here.

Disaster Found Under the Dead Sea Bed

The Dead Sea level has declined in recent years as a result of human activity, but it is expected to decline even more sharply due to climate change. Israel and Jordan are working on a project to bring remnants of desalinated water from the Gulf of Eilat to the Dead Sea, but the extent of the project is such that it will do no more than slow the decline. read more

Nazi Gold Finding Rommel’s Treasure – Free on Kindle

For a limited time this book will be free on Amazon, kindle. The offer will expire in five days. The book is about one of the most important treasure mystery from the Second World War. The Germans occupied Tunisia for more then six months and during this time they have looted the Jewish community dry of their riches. There are witnesses who saw the treasure delivered to a submarine.